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In Metchnikoff's Footsteps

Luba Vikhanski at the bank housing Metchnikoff's archive
Building with the bank housing Metchnikoff's archive
Perhaps the most thrilling part of my research for this book was the search for Metchnikoff's purported grandson, Jacques Saada. It turned into a detective investigation that lasted five years and ultimately led me to this branch of the Credit Lyonnais bank in Paris, on the Champs-Elysees. Four safety deposit boxes in its vault hold a long-hidden secret archive: Metchnikoff's letters, documents and personal belongings preserved by Saada's mother, the late
 Lily Remy. Officially Metchnikoff's goddaughter, she is thought to have been his out-of-wedlock child. In the photos: the building housing the bank and myself at the bank's entrance.